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Lungworm! – Alpha Vets

Lungworm! – Alpha Vets


The dangerous dog parasite Angiostrongylus vasorum can be LETHAL to dogs, causing haemophilia and fatal haemorrhage amongst many other problems. The worm is carried by slugs and snails and foxes are a vector, so the Teddington area is rife with the parasite, especially in these wet conditions. We have seen several fatalitieas in the last five years, since the worm started to become widespread in the South-East, and it is particularly seen in young, male dogs.

As well as pups deliberately eating slugs and snails, they can be ingested when drinking from puddles, chewing sticks or eating grass, etc: NO DOG IS SAFE!

Fortunately, there is a simple preventative treatment: call us on 02089432303 to find out how to prevent this potentially lethal problem!

lungwormSee: www.lungworm.co.uk

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