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BEWARE! LUNGWORM ALERT! The dangerous dog parasite Angiostrongylus vasorum can be LETHAL to dogs, causing haemophilia and fatal haemorrhage amongst many other problems. The worm is carried by slugs and snails and foxes are a vector, so the Teddington area is rife with the parasite, especially in these wet conditions. We have seen several fatalitieas in the last five years, since the worm started to become...

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Look out for the Alpha Taxi out and about around Teddington! She’s a 1997 LTI Fairway, the cabbie’s favourite steed of all time, but now all sadly retired. We saved ‘Anastasia’ (named after Dan Dare’s space-ship…) for posterity and now she is our fleet flagship: Souf of The River, guv? At this time? You’re ‘avin a larf!...

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As all our clients know, Alpha is Teddington’s premier, long-established independent vet! Follow us on Facebook (AlphaVets) and Twitter (@vets_alpha). To kick off our weblog, we’ll tell you about our current big special offer, which is a FREE Wellbeing Health Check for your pets: this is a comprehensive check-up of your pet’s health by Felisa Saverias, our superb resident vet. Felisa is both an excellent conventional...

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