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Keyhole surgery

We’re very proud to offer keyhole surgery (Laparoscopic surgery) on animals.

What is keyhole surgery?

Keyhole surgery takes place through a small hole (usually less then 1cm), and is an  excellent way of performing operations on your pet. We use a camera to show a bright, magnified and clear area and utilise a vast range of up-to-date surgical instruments to perform different operations.


The benefits of keyhole surgery:

Less pain, less invasive

Keyhole surgery means your pet can feel less pain during the surgery. As it's such a small incision, there’s a lot less internal trauma, it’s much less invasive and not as painful after surgery. Like you, we don’t want to see your pets in pain, so we do everything we can to reduce this as much as we can for them.

Quicker recovery

As the keyhole incision is so small, there are fewer complications post-surgery. The chances of infection are lower and there’s a lot less scarring, which helps to speed up your pets' recovery time. After traditional surgery, it would normally take around 2-3 weeks before your pet is back to itself again. However, with keyhole surgery it tends to be just a few days, so this means less time stuck inside and more time playing with their toys.

Clear view for the surgeon

Using keyhole surgery enables the surgeon to see clearly and closely during the operation. It also allows the surgeon to perform an operation to the highest standard in good time, which means more time for you pet to get better again. With this advanced surgery, we can operate on areas that are often hard to reach and help us spot any underlying issues.

If you need any more information about key-ole surgery, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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