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Your pet may require physiotherapy following injury or surgery: we can refer you to a suitable physiotherapist who can treat you either on-site at our practice or at home. We also offer our own K-Laser therapy for injury and arthritis treatment.


What conditions can Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy can help with a range of pet ailments and conditions by supporting the body. Physiotherapists can treat and help your pet with the following conditions:


Back problems

Pre and post-surgical management

Orthopaedic conditions

Tendon and ligament injuries

Musculoskeletal conditions


Age-related issues

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy?

There’s a range of benefits from your pet having physiotherapy. These include:

Improved cardiovascular health and circulation

Increased muscle strength

Reduced pain

Improved flexibility

Reduced muscle tightness and spasm

Decreased stress and anxiety

Weight loss

Aiding injury and wound healing

If you feel your pet will benefit from our physiotherapy treatments, please call us to arrange a referral.

Our expert team is always ready to help you